Schools Around the Archdiocese Love STEM

The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In a nutshell, rather than just studying those subjects in their respective classes in an isolated manner, students combine knowledge gained in all of those subjects in order to do something that solves a real world problem.

Perhaps they come up with a water filtration system using recycled products. Perhaps that come up with a new type of battery powered light that can be used in remote regions without power. The possibilities are endless.

This year over over thirty schools jumping into starting STEM programs at their schools in a joint project between the Archdiocese of Newark and ProjectEngin.

Check out below some of the schools’ STEM Fairs. Participants from the local STEM Fairs will be participating in a STEM EXPO on MArch 25. Full Details here.

Even our youngest learners are thinking creatively, collaboratively, and outside the box.