School Safety: A Collaborative Effort

During these difficult days, our prayers continue for the people of Parkland, Florida, as well as for those suffering in the wake of this terrible crime.  Our sadness is so profound, our hearts ache and our trust is shaken, but our hope is still alive.  That hope has to be shared with our wonderful children.  We need your help!  First and foremost, as Catholics, we know that these beautiful children rest in the arms of the Lord and we must have faith to go forward.  As superintendent of schools, I want you to know that our Catholic school principals work closely with the public school leadership in each area and with the local police.  Together, we collaborate, cooperate and protect every one of our students.  The principals of each of our schools can provide you with numerous resources which will be very useful in helping you talk to your children about this horrific tragedy.

As Catholic school parents, when you send your children to us each day, you expect them to be safe while they are under our care, and I assure you that we do our very best each day to meet that standard of trust.  The investment in a number of safety initiatives, including enhanced entry security, have contributed significantly to our safe school environment.  Having said that, I want you to know that our Catholic school principals will continue to review and update security measures in coordination with the town or city local police departments.

Finally, in our schools, our principals will assist parents who seek psychologists, counselors and social workers to provide whatever level of support is needed for our students.

May God bless you and give you strength to guide your children to “Hope.”

Sincerely yours,

Margaret A. Dames, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Catholic Education