Saint John Students Take On Their First Cardboard Challenge

Saint John the Apostle School in Clark recently held its first annual Cardboard Challenge for students in Grades Pre-K through 8. Students were challenged to create arcade style games using only cardboard and other recyclable materials. Since 2012, the Cardboard Challenge has inspired children all over the country to participate in’s Day of Play.

Students gathered after school in the Saint John Maker Space, where they used the materials already available there, as well as items gathered through family donations, to construct their games. Dr. Deborah Egan, EdD, Principal at Saint John, noted that through the activity, students utilized engineering skills to build non-electronic games that the entire student body could enjoy and share.

Coordination of the activity was a school-wide effort: staff members assigned times slots for each grade, STEM Club students managed the arcade and assisted players, small groups of students rotated through the game room to ensure all students had a turn. Afterwards, each student chose two small rewards for their participation. “Students truly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the project. Events like these help bring our school together as a community,” Egan added.

Saint John the Apostle School is a faith-centered academic community based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Its members are committed to serve all regardless of race, nationality or religion. To prepare students to be responsible adults in an ever-changing world, their goal is to focus on academic excellence as well as instilling spiritual, moral and social values. Registration is ongoing. Please call the school office at 732-388-1360 for additional information, or visit the school online at