President of the Saint Joseph Regional High School, Montvale

The President of the Saint Joseph Regional High School in Montvale, Bergen County, New Jersey is employed by the Archdiocese of Newark to function as the Chief Executive Officer of the school.  The President is the “external” face of the school, interacting with its various constituencies, but most especially its parents and alumni, in matters relating to the institutional advancement of the organization.  The President is charged with the authority and responsibility of seeing that the school functions within the framework of its mission as an Archdiocesan Regional High School in all its policies and programs.  In like fashion, the President is also responsible for developing a strong school community, for supporting a strong program of institutional advancement, for sustaining a functioning Consultative Board and for ensuring the financial stability of the school.

The President’s specific areas of responsibility are as follows:

I. Catholic Identity and Mission

  1. The President is responsible for articulating the school’s mission to all segments of the school community, and for seeing that the mission is implemented effectively in all areas.
  2. The President promotes and monitors the faith community of the school as founded in the tradition of the Xaverian Brother and grown in the charism of the Marist Brothers, for staff, students, parents and alumni.
  3. The President, in conjunction with the Principal, monitors the overall effectiveness of the school program, and the way in which the Catholic identity of the school and its religious mission is integrated into the culture of the school.
  4. The President meets weekly with the Principal, and monthly with the school’s administrative team, to ensure effective communication among its members, to address any current issues and to collaborate in developing long-term strategies to advance the school’s mission.
  5. The President is a visible participant in the service and faith formation activities of the school.

II. Institutional Advancement

  1. The President serves as the Executive Officer of the School Consultative Board, and in that role, is responsible for attracting to service on the Board people with a commitment to the school’s mission, the expertise to advance that mission, and the ability to generate support for its institutional advancement efforts.
  2. The President provides for long-range planning, as well as the implementation of the school’s strategic plan and Middle States action plans, in coordination with the Consultative Board and Principal.
  3. The President communicates with and represents the school to the organization’s various constituencies, promoting the school’s public presence and enhancing the institution’s image and visibility before the community at large.
  4. The President informs the school administration, school community and Archdiocesan School Office of the on-going development of institutional advancement efforts. In this regard, the President directs marketing efforts, recruitment strategies, fund-raising programs and alumni activities.
    1. The President oversees all fund-raising activities by school organizations, and directs and approves outreach to major gift prospects and foundations.
    2. The President oversees the marketing and public relations strategies of the institution.
    3. The President supervises the activities of the Alumni Association, in conjunction with the Alumni Board.
    4. The President, in conjunction with the Director of Admissions, coordinates the operation of admissions process, and the various events (Open House, Accepted Students Night, Knight for a Day) that support that effort.
  5. The President collaborates with the Principal in the development and implementation of long-range strategic planning that is consistent with the mission of the school and the policies of the Archdiocese of Newark.

III. Business and Legal Affairs

  1. The President manages the financial operations of the school in accord with all applicable Archdiocesan policies, guidelines and directives.
  2. The President, in collaboration with the Principal, develops the annual budget, reviews it with the Board of Consultants, and submits it for Archdiocesan approval.
  3. The President, in collaboration with the Principal and Business Manager, oversees the implementation of the budget, and is responsible for seeing that budgetary guidelines are followed by all segments of the school community.
  4. The President, in collaboration with the Business Office, oversees tuition collection, and, in that role, deals with questions regarding the collection of tuition and fees with parents.
  5. The President, in collaboration with the Principal, sets policies regarding the allocation of scholarships, the awarding of tuition discounts/financial aid, in accord with Archdiocesan policies and directives.
  6. The President provides for the safe operation and maintenance of the school’s facilities, and is responsible for approving capital improvements to the school’s plant, property and facilities.
  7. The President will identify a Facilities Manager, who, with the President’s approval, will administer policies regarding the non-school use of the facilities in accord with applicable Archdiocesan policies.
  8. The President oversees any potential legal issues with regard to the school’s contract or policies, and updates the Office of the Superintendent of Schools as appropriate.

IV. Admissions

  1. The President, in conjunction with the administrative team and Office of Admissions, establishes the criteria and application of those criteria in admitting freshmen and transfer students.
  2. The President directs the marketing of the school to new students, and oversees all aspects of its recruitment efforts.
  3. The President oversees the development of admissions materials and advertisements, assists with the evaluation of applications for prospective students and, along with the Director of Admissions, manages the school’s response to prospective students.

V. Other Administrative Responsibilities

  1. The President approves job descriptions for each member of the administrative team, and approves final selections for these positions.
  2. The President, with the Principal, represents the school a Regional High School meetings.
  3. The President supervises and evaluates the Principal.


  1. Master’s Degree
  2. Practicting Catholic

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