Koinonia Academy Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

As Koinonia Academy (KA) students entered the school’s chapel from all areas of its sprawling campus nestled in Plainfield, NJ, the student choir welcomed them with song and prayer. The choir set the tone for this sacred experience with youthful and energetic vitality. It was apparent “KA” was blessed with beautiful weather, and, more importantly, a community of educators and students embolden with Christ’s love and presence. The whole student body of 240 pre-k to 12th-grade students were joined by members of “every corner of the school community.” One could hear the soft-spoken statements of participants of awe and genuine emotion. It was evident as those in attendance could not help but proclaim that “God is good.”

The procession began as Fr. Dennis Berry S.T., Fr. Gino de la Rama, Archdiocesan Director of Priestly Vocations, the Brothers from the Brotherhood of Hope, Bro. Jude and Bro. Joe, Bro. David from the Shrine of St. Joseph, as well as a seminarian entered the chapel with the Blessed Sacrament. Then the Blessed Sacrament was brought throughout the campus as the entire school community followed in song. During the procession members of the school, were visibly seen to be moved with emotion as they experienced an uplifting moment of reverence and devotion. After spending time presenting the Lord in each space on campus, they returned to the chapel for closing remarks and blessings.

Sr. Bethel M.C. joined the school in benediction and implored Jesus “to keep everyone at Koinonia Academy in His Sacred Heart.” Mr. Allan Wright, the Principal, closed with remarks to recommit the school to its mission “to ensure the students in its care grow to be men and women of character who will make an impact for Christ on college campuses, in the workplace, at home, in families, and wherever God may lead them.”

Also in attendance was Virginia Gallic, wife of the school’s founder, Bob Gallic. Mrs. Gallic was sure her husband was “smiling down from heaven.” Mrs. Gallic added “my husband started this school after raising ten children and recognizing the importance of a school that taught more than academics but faith, where ‘Jesus is Lord.’