Elementary Overview

Elementary Schools Profile 2018-2019

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General Background

There are 67 Catholic elementary schools located within the Archdiocese of Newark, with a total 2018-2019 PK-8 student enrollment of 15,828. Enrollment is 2,736 in pre-kindergarten programs and 13,092 in elementary schools’ grades K-8. 62 are Archdiocesan schools and 5 are private schools run by religious orders.

Location of Schools

The Catholic elementary schools are located in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Union counties. 61% are located in suburban settings, 39% are within urban/ inner-city areas.

Student Diversity

The Catholic elementary schools educate a diverse group of students. Our enrollment breakdown includes 58% Caucasian, 16% African American, 12% Asian, and 14% other groups or multiracial. (23.6% of our student population overall is Latino).

Faith Background

Roman Catholics comprise 76% of the Catholic elementary school student population.

High School Destinations

80% of the Class of 2018 is pursuing a Catholic secondary education. The remaining 20% attend private and public (magnet, charter, specialized) high schools.

Standardized Test Scores

Catholic elementary school students as a group outperform other students in the U.S. School mean scores continue to be higher than the mean scores of schools throughout the U.S. In many grades the average Catholic school student is achieving at or above the top quarter of their national peers.


Eighteen Catholic elementary schools have been selected as Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.


The median tuition in 2018-2019 is $4,550. The mean/average tuition is $4,750.


87% of the Catholic elementary schools are led by lay principals, and 13% of all principals are members of religious communities. All of our principals are practicing Catholics.

Teaching Staff

Lay men and women represent 94%, while religious and priests represent 6% of the overall teaching staff.

Academic Program

The Catholic elementary schools exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and follow the academic guidelines of the New Jersey Catholic Conference and the Archdiocese of Newark. Catholic social teachings are integrated throughout the curriculum.


Technology is an exceptional advantage in our Catholic schools. Technology is utilized in the curriculum as a tool to enhance teaching strategies. Our schools have computer labs and technology teachers. Students are able to use laptops, notebooks, tablets, iPads and desktops variously. Elementary school resources include robotics, SMART Boards, SMART Tables, and interactive white boards. Digital technology increases with advancements on a yearly basis.

*Note: All data is based upon the annual Archdiocese of Newark Schools Office Census that takes place in the fall.