mapping teamThe schools of the Archdiocese of Newark are involved in a multi-year curriculum mapping project which will result in the development of subject area curriculum maps that clearly articulate the content and skills students will be learning in each subject in each grade level. Curriculum mapping is a process that helps schools and districts/ dioceses to determine the “agreed-upon” learning for all students. This process has been implemented to ensure that a consistent, clearly articulated curriculum infused with Gospel values is being provided to all students in our schools.

map teacherThe curriculum mapping process and the resulting curriculum maps will help ensure the academic excellence that is integral to the mission of our Catholic schools and will provide parents with a clear understanding of the curriculum. While the curriculum maps will clearly articulate the expected learning for all students, individual teachers have the flexibility to teach the content and skills in their own manner, utilizing their own particular strengths and teaching style and addressing the varying learning needs of their students.

The curriculum maps that have been developed thus far can be found below. Curriculum maps for other subject areas will be posted to the website as they are completed over the next several years.

Mathematics Maps K-12

English/Language Arts Maps K-12