The Athletic Director is directly responsible to the Principal for the supervision and control of the
school’s athletic program. All coaches of the school teams, as well as support personnel, are
responsible to the Athletic Director in the exercise of their duties.

Personnel Responsibilities
1. Supervises and evaluates the all head coaches, and, with their assistance, evaluates the
assistant coaching staff.
2. Conducts initial interviews to fill coaching vacancies; makes final decision regarding the hiring
and firing of all coaches and athletic staff in conjunction with the Principal/President.
3. Verifies that those who drive school vehicles are appropriately licensed, and that all
members of the athletic staff have completed the required school mandated screenings and
workshops (NJ Department of Education background checks, Protecting God’s Children, CPR
training, Concussion training, all N.J.S.I.A.A. certification paperwork)
4. Maintains personnel files for all coaches with verified documents and certifications as
indicated above.
5. Conducts pre-season meetings for every coaching staff regarding school and N.J.S.I.A.A
expectations, especially with respect to sportsman and student recruitment.
6. Oversees and manages the work of the school trainer.
7. Oversees and directs/manages the work of the equipment manager.
8. Submits regular reports to the Principal on the dedication, effectiveness, ability, and
professional conduct of the coaching staff and athletic personnel.
9. Responsible for working with the coaching staff and maintenance department to supervise
the school’s athletic facilities and, at the end of each season, to make certain that facilities
have been cleaned and equipment has been stored, secured and inventoried for the
following season.

Scheduling Responsibilities
10. Generates and updates athletic schedules for all grade levels.
11. Schedules (and arranges payment for) the officials needed for all home athletic events.
12. Schedules transportation for all athletic events taking place at other locations.
13. Controls the allocation of the athletic facilities for the individual sports in all seasons.
14. Coordinates the scheduling of the school’s athletic facilities with the Principal when they are
rented by outside organizations.
15. Provides for the appropriate security (police) and medical personnel necessary at all home
athletic contests.
16. Submits a weekly calendar of athletic events to the President, Principal and Vice Principal of
athletic events.

Financial Responsibilities
17. Assists in the development of an annual budget for each sport (and the overall operation of
the athletic department) that is approved by the Principal/President.
18. Acts as a liaison with parent booster groups to develop and oversee their annual budgets as
complements to the school budgets for the various athletic teams. Coordinates with the
Development Office to approve and schedule fundraising events.
19. Directs the sale of tickets and coordinates the workers needed to secure gates and collect
20. Oversees and manages the school’s relationship with UnderArmour to insure that the school
is getting the full financial benefit from the sale of UnderArmour products.

General Supervision and Oversight
21. Is present (or provides for a representative faculty member to be present) at all home varsity
22. Is responsible for the discipline and conduct of fans at home athletic contests, and the
overall maintenance of an environment that values good sportsmanship and fair play.
23. Will conduct pre-season meeting with the parents of every (major) athletic program to
review Code of Conduct and sportsmanship expectations and the consequences of violations
24. Represents the school at league, county and state meetings and other functions.
25. Sets up annual parent meeting to review N.C.A.A. Clearinghouse information for studentathletes
with the expectation of participating in college athletics
26. Is responsible for verifying scoreboards and equipment, and for arranging for announcers,
anthem singers, where applicable, for all home varsity games (football, basketball, wrestling,
baseball, lacrosse).
27. Sees that all state and school eligibility requirements are followed by staff and students.
28. Is the final arbiter, when necessary, of conflicts between parents and coaches when issues of
player discipline or playing time become problematic
29. Directs the selection of recipients of school athletic awards in accord with established
policies and criteria.
30. Is responsible for updating annually athletic department publications, especially the Coach’s
Handbook and the Parent’s Guide to SJR Athletics