Academy of Our Lady of Grace Student Recognized as National Handwriting Champion

Mr. Jason Feliciano, Assistant Principal, Edbert Aquino and his parents, Filomena Ranaudo-D’Amico, Principal, Rev. Father Peter Sticco, Pastor, Eileen Cortese from Zaner-Bloser

Edbert Aquino, a third-grade student at Academy of Our Lady of Grace, Fairview, NJ is one of eighteen students from private and public schools recognized as a grand national grade-level champion for their manuscript or cursive handwriting in the 2018 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest. The Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest attracted nearly 250,000 participants in 2018, the 27th anniversary of the contest.

Edbert Aquino and Ms. Lori Solan

Along with knowing you are among those with the best handwriting in the nation Zaner-Bloser awards cash prizes and educational materials to winner students, teachers, and schools. Edbert received a large trophy, $500 cash, and educational materials valued at $1,000 for Academy of Our Lady of Grace. In addition, Ms. Lori Solan, Edbert’s teacher, is awarded the opportunity to attend the International Literacy Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas.