Office of the Superintendent of Schools

171 Clifton Avenue Newark, NJ 07104-0500

Phone: (973) 497-4260 Fax: (973) 497-4249


Superintendent for Catholic Schools
Dr. Margaret Dames, Ed.D.

Associate Superintendents

Elementary School Administration and Essex and Union County Elementary Schools
Sr. Patricia Butler, SC

Secondary Schools
Mr. John O’Neil

Assistant Superintendents

Bergen And Hudson County Elementary Schools
Sr. Marie Gagliano, MPF

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Ms. Barbara Dolan

Directors, Coordinators, and Assistants

Early Childhood Education
Mrs. Gloria Castucci

K-12 Instructional Technology
Mrs. Ann Oro

School Services
Ms. Karen Mirro-Drew

School Advancement

NJ Director for Catholic School Families
Ms. Mary McManus McElroy

Associate Director of Catechesis in Catholic Schools
Sr. Maureen Shaughnessy

Development Coordinator
Ms. Andrea Koenig-Feldman

Coordinator of Special Education
Ms. Eileen O’Neill

Program Assistant for Curriculum and Assessment
Mrs. June Butchko